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Domestic or commercial, at Optimum Air Conditioning, our F-Gas registered engineers will ensure that your systems are back up and running as soon as possible. We take care of clients across Cardiff and the surrounding areas, providing a breakdown service that's available 24/7. Why wait until there's an issue? We also offer full maintenance to identify any issues, before they become a problem. Have a look at some of our recent work in the gallery below or call for a quote on air conditioning repairs.

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Air conditioning installed in a new build very 
quality house to heat and cool.

Another new build house with only air conditioning to heat and cool the property.

A VRF system was installed in the top floor apartment in Penarth, one outdoor unit connected to 7 indoor units. The customer did not want multiple outdoor units and the VRF being able to have up to 15 indoor units connected it met the customers requirements.

Our customer moved into a newly refurbished office and they did not want to replace the yellowing and tired looking air conditioning units so we sprayed them in the company colours and they looked like new.  We can spray all air conditioning units old and new in any colour.

Walk in fridge/freezer refurbishment. 
Floors, seals, door heater etc can all
easily be replaced.

Heat pump installed to provide hot water and heating in remote location not on the gas grid. 

Multi-deck remote fridge installed in a village shop to replace old and noisy free standing fridges, customer has said chilled goods sales have almost doubled after installing the new multi-deck.

Repair of Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning system that was reported as not cooling in server room. The part was in stock and was replaced free of charge under the 5 year warranty in under 24 hours.

Daikin floor mount air conditioning system installed to cool a very hot  bedroom in a new build house that was impossible to get a good nights sleep in during the summer.

Trying to get to site in London can be challenging.

Large walk-in-fridge installed at Amazon Swansea. The walk-in-fridge replaced 6 x free standing fridges for far better stock control and almost zero food waste from out of date stock.

All the air conditioning systems we install have Wi-Fi built in to allow you to control your system for your phone or tablet.

Air conditioning installed in 3 x dental surgeries to cool them, options such as very expensive fans failed to cool the surgeries. 

Specsavers - Air conditioning system installed into a very busy shop.

Leak finding on walk-in-fridge,

The Mitsubishi Electric Zen unit installed in the lounge of a domestic property.

Principality Stadium - Air conditioning installed to cool the communication room.

Combi fridge/freezer installed into kitchen at a busy holiday park.

Heat pump and air conditioning installation into new dental laboratory to provide the hot water and heating/cooling

Purging with Nitrogen when installing 2 x VRF air conditioning systems at the Panasonic store in Cardiff.

Replacing old R22 air conditioning systems with latest R32 systems.

Out of hours working at British Gas HQ in Cardiff. Installing new air conditioning systems out of hours as no works allowed when staff are on site,

Extraction of none flammable gases to calibrate below ground test equipment. A TD-Silent fan was installed to make the working conditions as comfortable as possible for the employees.

MVHR Heat Recovery systems installed to provide fresh air in new vets.

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