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Poor air quality can be attributed to many problems arising in the workplace or in the home. It is believed to contribute to a significant loss in productivity, low morale and higher rates of sickness amongst many employees. The object of providing good ventilation in residential and commercial buildings is to provide conditions under which people can live and work in comfort and safety.

If you bring in the ambient air from outside then the heating or cooling depending on the time of the year has to cope with this extra load, for this reason we install heat recovery units. When heat recovery units are installed to provide the ventilation they reduce overall energy costs by extracting stale air from the building and then recovering the heating or cooling energy from this air to either warm or cool the incoming fresh air into the building. The heat exchange unit recovers up to 80% of the energy lost through ventilation and maintains a comfortable and clean indoor environment without changes in room temperature. By utilising this energy, the heat recovery system can save up to 30% on initial capital costs of heating and cooling a building.

Recovery of waste energy whilst delivering 100% fresh air ventilation within any building is essential but its especially important in meeting rooms, schools and offices to maintain a comfortable and fresh environment

Does Your Building Comply with Part F of the Building Regulations?

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Modern houses are insulated boxes with little or no air movement as we try to make them more energy efficient, this is an ideal environment for black mould to grow. Black mould is an undesirable fungus that results from an excessive build-up of moisture which can have serious implications on health and food hygiene. Surprisingly, it is easy to resolve once you have identified the problem and ruled out any issues with rising or penetrating damp. A properly installed ventilation system will reduce humidity levels in the home whilst providing households with fresh, filtered air, diminishing damp, condensation and black mould problems.

Check out the video to see how a Mitsubishi Lossnay heat recovery unit works in a domestic property.

Building Regulations

Part F of the Building Regulations focuses primarily on mechanical ventilation systems and indoor air quality on new build commercial or refurbished properties. It covers all aspects of specifying and designing a mechanical ventilation system, giving guidance on installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance

A properly designed mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery units can help reduce overheating in buildings and decrease both cooling and heating loads thereby reducing your fuel bills and giving you a comfortable place to work.