R22 Refrigerant – Replacement of old R22 A/C systems

We were asked to carry out a site visit in a retail unit to investigate why the air conditioning was not working prior to the retail unit undergoing a refurb for a new tenant. There were 2 single split ceiling suspended Toshiba systems installed to provide the cooling and heating for this high street retail unit.

On inspection it was seen that one of the systems had a failed compressor and as the systems were over 20 years old and were using the now banned R22 refrigerant they were deemed beyond economical repair. The customer decided to replace the old systems with modern inverter systems.

R22 is an older refrigerant that was extensively used in air conditioning systems and has been added to the list of substances that are known for causing ozone depletion and was banned from use in 2014, you can continue to use your air conditioning systems running on R22 refrigerant but if a problem occurs it is unlikely to be repairable.

With the Daikin equipment incorporating R22 replacement technology this provides a cost-effective and highly energy efficient upgrades for existing R22 systems. The installed cost of replacing your old systems could be up to 50% lower compared with installing brand new systems if we can use the existing pipework and electrics.

Energy Efficiency

The New Daikin inverter compressor systems we installed are up to 70% more energy efficient than the old fixed speed compressor Toshiba systems we replaced, resulting in not only very reliable air conditioning but greatly reduced running costs and lower carbon emissions. The savings the customer will make on their energy bills will be significant.

We replaced the indoor ceiling suspended one way blow units with Daikin 360° Roundflow ceiling concealed units to give a much nicer and cleaner look to the refurbished store, the new Daikin units will also give a far better and more even air distribution throughout the retail unit.

If you would like to replace older air conditioning systems using R-22 refrigerant or to install new air conditioning but would like to pay for the equipment over a few years and not in one payment then contact us to see if the Mitsubishi Electric Finance Solutions option is suitable for you. You can pay for the equipment over a set period from 1 to 5 years.

We can carry out a free and impartial site visit to check if your equipment is R-22 compliant and provide a report for your records.