New Conservatory – Penarth

The best solution to cool and heat your conservatory is to install air conditioning. This will enable you to use the conservatory year round, we guarantee the air conditioning will cool and heat your conservatory to the desired temperature giving you a space you can use all year round.

We have customers who have spent thousands of pounds installing solar blinds, new roofs and very expensive fans when air conditioning properly sized and neatly installed will solve the problem of heating and cooling your conservatory. We can professionally install a Mitsubishi Electric or Daikin air conditioning system from £900 with a 5 year warranty.

Air conditioning works by drawing air from the room into the indoor unit then cooling or heating the air before blowing it back into the room. This conditions the air keeping the room at the temperature you have set on the remote controller, air conditioning also de-humidifies the air so no more water on window sills and steamed up windows.

Our customer in Penarth already has air conditioning installed in the bedrooms and lounge of the property so they knew they wanted air conditioning installed in the conservatory, we were brought in at the design stage of this project. This enabled us to install our pipework and cables before construction of the conservatory had started to give the installation a clean look.

A conservatory was added onto the property overlooking the garden and was mainly going to be used as an office for the owner. This is a great addition to the property and it blends in well with the existing building.

We installed a Daikin wall mount cassette with condensate pump on side of unit to remove water. The Daikin system is A+++ rated in heating and cooling for the lowest possible year round running costs.

If you have a conservatory or a loft conversion and would like advice on how air conditioning could be installed then please call us to discuss.

We can install air conditioning on any wall, not just an external wall and we installed a condensate water pump on this install.