Margam Park Discovery Centre – Walk in Fridge

The Margam Discovery Centre is set in the grounds of the 850 acres of Margam Country Park, Port Talbot. They offer high quality environmental education to all age groups, the centre is a state of the art low carbon footprint building designed by The Welsh School of Architects. The Discovery Centre was built to be as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible.

Since the centre opened the catering department have never had enough cold food storage to give the desired service required to provide meals for up to 60 residents staying overnight in the bedrooms on site and in the 5 workrooms throughout the day, there is also a café open to the general public. After discussing the requirements with the customer it was decided a walk in fridge would be the best option to provide all the cold food storage for the site, the walk in fridge would replace 4 free standing fridges.

To keep in with the ethos of a low carbon footprint the centre requested we install energy efficient equipment, we achieved this by installing a Danfoss Optyma Plus™ outdoor condensing unit and a Searl Tec 4-5 indoor evaporator unit. The walk-in-fridge was installed in a day with the minimum of disruption to the customer.

Danfoss Optyma Plus™ outdoor unit.

The highly optimised Micro Channel Heat Exchanger and electronic controller contribute to considerable energy savings, making the Optyma Plus™ up to 20% more economical than an equivalent product. The Optyma Plus™ can be located even in residential areas because the smart compressor design, acoustic insulation and fan speed reduction during low capacity operation periods make the Optyma Plus™ the quietest solution today to respect the environment

Searl TEC4-5 Indoor Unit

The Searl TEC4-5 is a small ‘blow through’ unit using high efficiency EC fans as standard, providing a significant reduction in energy consumption and therefore running costs. With a wide operating range + 10 °C to -40 °C, the coolers are suitable for both high, medium and low temperature applications in areas such as reach-in and walk – in cold cabinets, cold rooms and similar situations.

The customer was very pleased with the high quality finish of the cold room and the easy to read and use multi-function electronic controller, they have reported stock control is improved and food wastage greatly reduced.

If you think a walk-in-fridge or freezer would improve your business then please contact us for more details.