IDH Dentist – Bristol Endodontic Clinic

The Bristol Endodontic Clinic are specialist working in the practice situated in North Bristol, they provide comprehensive specialist care for all root canal complications. The practice is part of the IDH My Dentist group: Europe’s largest dental care provider with 650-plus practices.

The practice has air conditioning installed throughout the building, in the 3 surgeries, reception area and patient recovery room. On the first floor there were 3 indoor units connected to 1 outdoor unit on a multi-split type air conditioning system installed to provide the cooling and heating to the 2 surgeries and the patient recovery room. This system had failed and due to the cost of repairing and also due to the age of the system the customer decided to replace with new.

This was going to be an unusual install as the outdoor units were to be sited under decking at the back of the building. Firstly we removed the old system by recovering the refrigerant, we then removed the 1 outdoor and the 3 indoor units but we left the existing pipework in place. We reused the pipework as both old and new systems were using R410a refrigerant, this allows you to re-use the pipework. We extended pipework where required to accommodate the 3 new single split systems that were installed.

The customer had requested a more flexible air conditioning system be installed to replace the old multi-split system as they found the old system inflexible for their needs. All the indoor units on the old multi-split system had to be in the same mode, either cooling or heating and often the practice wanted cooling in surgeries and heating in patient recovery room and this was not possible with the old multi-split system. With the 3 single split systems installed the customer can use them independently in each room for either heating or cooling for maximum flexibility.

The customer now has new independent air conditioning systems installed in each room and as we were able to reuse the existing pipework there was a big saving on the installation cost, they will also benefit from low running costs as the new systems are A++ energy rated.

If you have old or unreliable air conditioning and are thinking about replacing then ask us for a free quote to replace, the cost of installing new air conditioning systems to replace your old systems could be up to 50% lower if we can use the existing pipework and electrics. The running costs of new a/c systems will also be significantly less than older systems to lower your energy bills.