Costa Coffee – Bridgend Town Centre

This Costa coffee is set in a Grade 2 listed building on Caroline street, Bridgend. The cafe is an unusual design as the building is set on different levels with three entrance/exits and multiple seating areas.

A Mitsubishi Electric VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) Heat recovery air conditioning system was installed. Throughout the year the coffee shop will require cooling in some areas and heating in others – even in adjacent spaces, especially near entrances. We broke the cafe spaces down into 3 zones so the staff at Costa coffee can set the desired temperature for each zone.

The Mitsubishi City Multi VRF air conditioning system meets this requirement by distributing surplus heat from cooling operations (and vice versa) to zones where it is needed. This efficiency can result in energy savings of up to 30% over conventional VRF air conditioning systems. One of the other major benefits of a VRF air conditioning system is there will only be one outdoor unit no matter how many indoor units are needed to cool and heat the building.

The result was a coffee shop that is comfortable to sit in at any time of the year no matter where you sit to enjoy your coffee. Costa coffee were very happy with the high quality finish achieved by installing the concealed 4-way blow cassettes.

Low energy consumption is important in the day to day running of any establishment and with this Costa Coffee open for up to 12 hours a day its especially important, with the Mitsubishi Electric VRF Heat Recovery system installed we have achieved this.