Cook Monmouth, walk-in-freezer install.

A new walk-in-freezer installed in the newly opened Cook store in Monmouth.

Our customer wanted enough storage for all the frozen food deliveries and a custom made freezer was installed in a space that was previously an unused area. The system was installed over 2 days with the minimum disruption to the newly opened shop.

The very energy efficient and quiet J&E Hall outdoor condensing unit was installed to keep the energy bills as low as possible. The newly designed heat exchanger and scroll compressor contribute to considerable energy savings, making the J&E Hall condenser unit up to 20% more economical than an equivalent product. As the condenser is located in a residential area the smart compressor design, acoustic insulation and fan speed reduction during low capacity operation periods make this unit the quietest solution to respect the environment.

The Isark modular walk-in-freezer has significant cost advantages over conventional cold rooms and offers a practical and professional solutions to the storage needs of hotels, restaurants, pubs, catering companies, bakeries and commercial kitchens, etc

Food stays fresher for far longer in a cold room and stock control is greatly improved to cut down on food wastage and overstocking

Made from food-safe grade, white galvanised steel cladding on the walls and roof and a tough long lasting and easy to clean phenolic resin floor, also fitted with a multi function electronic controller, locking door handle and LED energy efficient lighting as standard