Cae Court Boutique Hotel – Bridgend

The Cae Court boutique hotel is set beside the River Ogwr and directly in the shadow of St. Mary’s Nolton Church in the small market town of Bridgend. The hotel has 8 beautifully decorated bedrooms, a cocktail lounge and The Eaves Restaurant, a stunning contemporary 40 cover dining space.

A Mitsubishi Electric VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) Heat recovery air conditioning system was sympathetically installed with the limitations of a Grade 1 listed building and the very high quality finish desired by the customer.

Throughout the year the hotel will require cooling in some rooms and heating in others – even in adjacent rooms. The Mitsubishi City Multi VRF system meets this requirement by distributing surplus heat from cooling operations (and vice versa) to rooms where it is needed. This efficiency can result in energy savings of up to 30% over conventional VRF air conditioning systems. One of the other major benefits of a VRF air conditioning system is there will only be one outdoor unit no matter how many indoor units are needed to cool and heat the building.

The two superior top floor bedrooms had ducted units installed above ceiling with the conditioned air supplied through round grills, each of the 6 lower ground floor bedrooms had a concealed slim ducted a/c unit installed above the entrance door, these units are powerful, very quiet and efficient, controlled by a simplified LCD back lighted wall mounted controller. This simplified controller is ideal for hotel rooms as you do not need to turn on the lights to alter the air conditioning at night so not disturbing the other occupants of the room.

The Eves restaurant and cocktail lounge had much larger concealed ducted systems installed to maintain the desired temperature at any time of the year and all the rooms in the whole building can be controlled and monitored by the Mitsubishi AG150 Multifunction 9″ LCD Touch Screen centralised controller installed at the reception desk.